BLOG SERIES: Will I be able to Keep My Teeth for a Lifetime?

BLOG SERIES: Will I be able to Keep My Teeth for a Lifetime?


Wouldn’t it be nice to keep your own teeth for a lifetime? There is no way to know for sure, but lets look at what we do know.

One way to help prevent tooth loss is by visiting your downtown Vancouver dentist for annual dental check ups. We are currently accepting new patient at our new location on West Georgia, conveniently located close to the Granville Skytrain station and the Vancouver City Centre Skytrain station.

Adult teeth need to stay healthy for about 80 years (age 6 – 86), this is a long time for anything on our bodies to last.

What can we do to make sure our teeth stay healthy for as long as possible?

The oral environment is somewhat complex but when it comes to Mother Nature not wanting a tooth anymore the list of reasons is relatively short. Let’s examine the cause of tooth loss and work backward from there to recognize ways to prevent tooth loss from happening.

When does a dentist need to remove a tooth?

  1. Infection
  2. Decay (called caries)
  3. Gum disease (called periodontitis)
  4. Fracture of the tooth
  5. Overcrowded teeth

All of these are also affected by economic factors. We will look at all of these in future blogs to understand what we can do to keep our teeth. Stay tuned.

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