Unlike take-home kits that incorporate low-dose whitening agents, in-office teeth whitening takes place under the watchful eyes of our dental professionals to enable the safe use of a relatively high concentration of lightening gel—yielding results that show up immediately.

With simple at-home maintenance following your in-office treatment, your teeth will remain white and beautiful, even while you continue to drink red wine, coffee, and tea. Excellent dental health at home and regular professional cleanings will ensure your outcomes last as long as possible.

In-office whitening is the perfect option for those with a big event or just want the brilliant white smile without the wait!

Professional Teeth Whitening at Bay Dental

  • Teeth whitening is performed by our highly trained dental hygienist
  • The hygienist will begin by applying a barrier to the gums to ensure a more controlled environment for the lightening process
  • We use 40% Hydrogen Peroxide gel (compared to our at home whitening kit of 9% to 10% Hydrogen Peroxide gel)
  • Typically we do 2 cycles to achieve best results.



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