What is the Maydent Plan?

The Maydent Plan is an annual membership that gives patients access to affordable dental maintenance services.


What is included in the Maydent Plan?

Each annual membership includes two visits to Bay Dental.*

The Maydent Plan includes the following services at no extra charge:

  • Two Exams (Valued at $70)
  • Two Bitewing X-rays (Valued at $24)
  • Two Cleanings* (Valued at $325)
  • Two Fluoride treatment (Valued at $28)
  • Oral Hygiene instruction (Valued at $32)

Total value of $479 at regular prices. Savings of $149 when purchasing Maydent Plan.

* continuing care visit must be within 8 months to qualify for a 2nd Maydent appointment.


Is this an insurance plan?

No, this is a program that gives patients savings on exams, cleanings, fluoride treatments, etc.


How much does it cost?

The Maydent Plan costs $330 per year for adults and $175 per year for children.

By buying into the plan, you are covered for a wide selection dental treatments including exams, cleanings, x-rays, fluoride, and more. These are preventative services that build a solid foundation for your dental needs throughout the year.


Will my cleaning be completed in one appointment?

In most cases we will complete your cleaning in one appointment.

However, some patients have more serious gum disease and will require more appointments. Each additional cleaning appointment will be an additional $120.


What services does the Plan not cover?

Fillings, crowns, panoramic x-rays, dentures, and treatment for moderate to severe gum disease.


Why should I join?

The Maydent Plan provides savings on preventive dentistry services including cleanings, fluoride treatments, exams, and more. This will help you maintain healthy teeth and gums, which will ensure restorative work lasts longer and gum disease is monitored and controlled.

Enrolment in the plan gives you a built-in motivational device for seeking a dental checkup twice a year. You can provide yourself with a good awareness of your own personal oral health.


What if I already have Dental insurance?

A Maydent Plan is not necessary in this case. We will provide you with dental insurance claim forms.


How do I pay ?

Payment is required upon joining the Maydent Dental Plan, and can be made by cash, cheque, Interac, Visa, Mastercard.


Will I have to wait long for an appointment?

Regular appointments will be made as quickly as possible, upon your request. We take pride in serving our members efficiently and to their satisfaction. Wednesday evening and Saturday appointments are also available.


Will I be contacted for my follow-up appointment?

Our office will attempt to contact you, but please remember the responsibility is on you to make sure your continuing care appointment is completed within 8 months.


Limitations on second cleaning appointment

The Maydent Plan will be considered expired if a patient fails to attend or does not give 48 hours notice (2 business days) before cancelling an appointment.


How do I join?

Make an examination appointment. This will give you an idea of what additional charges will be required outside the plan. We will suggest to you if the plan suits your needs and how to benefit from it.



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