Mouth guards or various types of splints are beneficial for many different scenarios. At Bay Dental, we typically provide them for patients who suffer from teeth grinding or those who play active sports.

We offer mouth guards and various types of splints to reduce grinding or clenching of the teeth. This is important if there is noticeable loss of tooth structure and or when there are symptoms of pain in the facial musculature or joints of the lower jaw.

We also offer mouth guards for those who are active in sports. A simple sports mouthguard could possibly save you from a more expensive and extensive dental treatment.


Custom-fit mouth guards

These are created at our downtown Vancouver dental office and are customized to fit your mouth and teeth precisely. We first begin by taking an impression of your mouth, and then we mould over the model with a pliable material. The end result is a perfectly-fitting, extremely comfortable mouth guard that will help to minimize injury and avoid teeth grinding.

Contact us to discuss other options for mouth gaurds or various types of splints.