Xylitol Mints & Gums

We believe in xylitol as a natural cavity preventing sugar that will not only restore the pH balance of your mouth, and in turn prevent decay, it will also freshen your breath and help those who suffer from dry mouth syndrome. Xylitol has been shown in studies to help stimulate saliva production and alter the bacteria’s natural metabolism process so that you are less prone to decay.



We carry a fluoride rinse that is sweetened with xylitol as well. It is perfect for patients prone to tooth decay, sensitivity, dry mouth, or gingivitis and periodontitis. Using the rinse and toothpaste together make an ideal combination for patients prone to dental problems. It restores the pH balance of the oral cavity, helps to stimulate saliva production to help fight dry mouth, and both contain antimicrobial properties.



Remin Toothpaste

This is one of the best toothpastes available on the market today. It is fluoride free, cruelty free, gluten free and contains a medical hydroxyapatite ingredient that restores the enamel surface and helps to strengthen without fluoride. It is also antimicrobial, excellent for patients prone to tooth decay, and effective for sensitive teeth as it also acts as a desensitizer.


Sonicare Toothbrushes and Replacement Heads

We carry the Sonicare Flex model as at a very competitive price as we believe the best clean can be achieved with an electric toothbrush.  This is perfect for patients with recession, aggressive brushing tendencies, and those who tend to build up more plaque naturally. We also carry replacement heads!


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