Dental Care: Floss vs Waterpik

Dental Care: Floss vs Waterpik

Flossing regularly will keep your gums healthy and keep cavities at bay. Although frequent and precise flossing is an ideal way to keep your gums healthy by reducing inflammation and reduce susceptibility to cavities, in reality not many people do it.

We are in agreement that regular flossing is essential for oral health, especially when done correctly. However, sometimes it seems as though we are battling human nature. Many patients find it hard to pick up a habit of flossing regularly.

What alternatives are there to flossing?

At Bay Dental Centre in downtown Vancouver, we promote the use of a Waterpik in place of flossing.

Is a Waterpik better for your teeth than flossing?

WaterpikWhat it really comes down to is which you would be more likely to do on a regular basis.

Research has shown using a Waterpik is very effective in reducing gum inflammation. Patient’s compliance with the Waterpik is greater than with flossing. Maybe because it is easier, whatever the reason the waterpik is a very useful tool to keep a healthy and fresh feeling mouth. It is a viable replacement for flossing.

Waterpiks are available at Costco, Shoppers, and London Drugs.

For more information on flossing or healthy habits for your oral health, book an appointment at Bay Dental on West Georgia, downtown Vancouver.