Bay Dental is your Dentist Downtown Vancouver, located just a few blocks away from Vancouver City Centre and Granville skytrain stations.

Conservative Treatment Plans

Communication is an integral part of treatment plans at Bay Dental, we thoroughly discuss treatment options and all costs with patients prior to beginning any procedure. We ensure patients are receiving healthy and effective dental care for necessary procedures.

We make every effort to not “overtreat” our patients. Our conservative treatment plans are non-aggressive and only address dental and oral issues that are necessary.

Strong Periodontal Program

At Bay Dental, we are dedicated to the highest level of gum excellence. Periodontics is a branch of dentistry that handles the illness of the supporting structures of the teeth including the gums and bone.

Our periodontal treatments are designed to help stop the spreading of illness and bring your oral wellness back to optimal health. We treat each case individually and make personalized periodontal treatment plans based on the patient’s needs.

Budget Friendly Treatments

Prior to beginning any procedure, the Bay Dental team discuses all costs involved with the patient.

If the patient has access to dental insurance, we strive to get as much information from the insurer as possible. This helps to ensure costs are fully understood before commencing treatment.

Botox, Chiropractic Services, and more…

The adjoining Bay Wellness Centre offers advanced therapies for treatment of pain, hormonal imbalances, and anti-aging medicine such as Botox and PRP Facial Injection Therapy. Our on-site chiropractor specializes in TMJ (Jaw) Disorders.
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Welcome Dr. Romeyn!

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Jackie Romeyn to the Bay Dental Centre team.
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We strive to provide optimal dental care with minimal cost to you. Communication is an integral part of your dental plan at Bay Dental, and we discuss all treatment options available, the nature of each procedure, and the costs before beginning any dental procedure. Visit our Dentist Downtown Vancouver located on West Georgia, between Richards St and Seymour St.

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8 Reasons Why Teeth Fracture. Are You at Risk of Number Five?

When a tooth fractures it can often be restored and saved, but not always. Some fractured teeth require removal so we should try to minimize the risk. How Teeth Fracture and Solutions for Treatment and Prevention   1. Traumatic injury- For example: sports or accidents Solution: Unfortunately we can do little about accidental trauma. Sports injuries to the teeth can be reduced by wearing a protective mouth guard.   2. Substantial weakening after a root canal treatment Solution: A weakened root canal tooth can have a crown placed on it.   3. Overloading the tooth structure with forces the tooth is not strong enough to support Details: When a tooth is overloaded with force, it either fractures in the crown or the root of the tooth or chips away at the midpoint between the crown and root. Solution: A night guard can help prevent this.   4. Very large fillings leaving very little supported tooth structure Details: Large fillings leave very little remaining tooth structure. This is problematic. What tooth structure is left is weak and brittle. It frequently fractures during normal chewing. Solution: Placing a crown or onlay on the tooth makes it stronger.   5. Decay (caries) Details: Decay (caries) expands and grows under the enamel of a tooth. The enamel is undermined by the decay and will eventually fracture into the decay. Solution: The solution here is to get a filling. Read The Most Common Reason People Think They Visit the Dentist (and What to Do About It) for more about caries.   6. Teeth with a post in the root canal Details: Teeth with posts...

The Most Common Reason People Think They Visit the Dentist (and What to Do About It)

Decay (cavities) is probably the most common reason people think they visit the dentist. Decay (medical term: caries) starts with acid levels in the mouth dissolving tooth enamel. This dissolving of enamel happens more frequently in areas where plaque (bacteria) resides. These areas are most commonly: Pits and fissures (chewing surfaces of back teeth) in between the teeth where the teeth contact each other Around rough areas such as pre-existing dental work Along the gum line of the teeth To prevent decay we must: Reduce the acid (plaque) Reduce retentive areas where plaque collects Make the tooth stronger and more resistant to dissolving acid Caries (cavities) can be minimized throughout a person’s life by strengthening the tooth structure. This means: Fluoride systemically throughout childhood, either by drinking fluoridated water or fluoride supplements (ages as early as 6 months). Using topical fluoride; either varnish or rinse and toothpaste (varnish is better for high decay rates) Re-mineralizing products to reverse caries (for seniors and high decay rate) Practicing good oral hygiene to remove plaque; brushing, flossing, waterpik (throughout lifetime) Professional visits with a dental hygienist and dentist (starting 6 months after 1st tooth and throughout lifetime) Sealing small pits and fissures on back teeth so the caries don’t get started in those areas (age 6+) Restore caries when they are small Lastly, restore teeth using durable methods, so that the restored tooth can last a lifetime Practising some or all of these will reduce the chances of one of the reasons teeth get extracted: decay (caries). What If I Already Have a Cavity? “A cavity” once caries has cavitated (broken through...

BLOG SERIES: Will I be able to Keep My Teeth for a Lifetime?

  Wouldn’t it be nice to keep your own teeth for a lifetime? There is no way to know for sure, but lets look at what we do know. One way to help prevent tooth loss is by visiting your downtown Vancouver dentist for annual dental check ups. We are currently accepting new patient at our new location on West Georgia, conveniently located close to the Granville Skytrain station and the Vancouver City Centre Skytrain station. Adult teeth need to stay healthy for about 80 years (age 6 – 86), this is a long time for anything on our bodies to last. What can we do to make sure our teeth stay healthy for as long as possible? The oral environment is somewhat complex but when it comes to Mother Nature not wanting a tooth anymore the list of reasons is relatively short. Let’s examine the cause of tooth loss and work backward from there to recognize ways to prevent tooth loss from happening. When does a dentist need to remove a tooth? Infection Decay (called caries) Gum disease (called periodontitis) Fracture of the tooth Overcrowded teeth All of these are also affected by economic factors. We will look at all of these in future blogs to understand what we can do to keep our teeth. Stay tuned. When was your last dental check up? Click here to contact us and visit our new location downtown...