Why are my gums receding?

Why are my gums receding?

There are many possible causes. You may have one of these or a combination of a few.


Aging is correlated with increasing recession, not many 20 year olds have receding gums. Universally all 70 year olds will.

Thin bio-type.

This is the number one causative condition that pre-disposes to gum recession. It means very thin gum tissue. This is genetically pre-determined so not something that you can control. People with thin (gum tissue) biotype will usually experience a lot of recession on many teeth.

History of orthodontic treatments (braces).

It is very common to see recession (frequently on tooth #4) after orthodontic treatment. It is likely that this tooth is moved outward and the gum is stretched thin over it and then recedes.

Incorrect bite.

When a tooth is not precisely in the correct position the tooth and supporting tissues (gum and bone) will receive forces that are potential causes of gum and bone recession.

Overaggressive Brushing

Overaggressive (scrubbing) tooth brushing.

Incorrect muscle attachment

There is a small band of tissue (called the frenum) that sits between the lip and gums. There are approximately six in a person’s mouth. If this frenum is attached to the gum in a location that is too high (towards the gum line) It can actually pull the gum tissue away from the tooth and cause it to recede.

These are some common causes for receding gums. There are various treatments depending on the cause. If you are concerned about the health of your gums contact Bay Dental today, we are conveniently located on West Georgia downtown Vancouver.